Old Shirt Shirts

Made from high-quality, pre-loved shirts and off-cuts of last season's 'Multi Patchwork Knits'. Each item features a unique hand-cut "Old Shirt" motif, playfully mocking society's obsession with discarding the "old".

Black Patchwork Knits

Upcycled from pre-loved black knits with varying hues and textures. Features a square cut design that creates a boxy silhouette and minimizes waste during production.

Flower Caps

Our iconic flower motif appliquéd onto the front panels and brim of hand-selected vintage caps.

What is New? Jumpers

One-of-a-kind vintage hoodies and jumpers featuring our season title 'What is New?' motif created from knit offcuts from last season's Multi-Patchwork Knits

Happy Tee

One-of-a-kind vintage t-shirts featuring raw-edged motifs made from vintage denim. With each wear and wash, the graphic will gradually evolve and fray, encouraging wearers to get comfortable with the idea that clothes can still have longevity whilst showing signs of wear.