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Dolly Shirt

Dolly Shirt

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Hand-picked vintage shirts featuring printed Dolly Graphic.

Each item is 1 of 1 so even though you're not special your clothes will be.



Each garment is made with a hand-selected vintage shirt and the exact composition of each will therefore be varied.

Size Guide


XS 19" MUM
S 20" hahahahahha
M 21" get fucked
L 22.5" you just got proper fucked 
XL 23.5" cos like 'ur mum'. get it
XXL 25" never gets old
XXXL 26.5" the joke, not ur mum


Please note that all shirts are vintage sourced, and so in order to standardize their sizing, I have made a size guide based on pit-to-pit measurements of the shirts.

Due to the nature of upcycling clothing, the sizes work as a range. 

For example, a shirt in size will have a 22.5" (min) - 23.5" (max) pit-to-pit, and a shirt in a size XL will have a 23.5" (min)  - 25" (max) pit-to-pit.

Care Instructions

We strongly recommend cold hand washing.

We also recommend just giving it to your mum.

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping available on all UK orders.

Worldwide Shipping available.

To view our Returns Policy, please visit this page.

About Product

The Dolly Shirt graphic pulls reference from a vintage dolls head found in Snoopers' Paradise. (A vintage market in Brighton).

Bare people looked at me like I was a pervert while I was carrying it home

All shirts were hand-picked vintage shirts from a variety of second-hand suppliers. Each screen printed graphic will remain the same, though due to the nature of upcycling, each order will be entirely unique. No one else in the whole entire world will have the same shirt as you. You're not special mate, but what you're wearing is.

Select your size, desired sleeve type, and the shirting that you wish to receive.

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Dolly Graphic

The Dolly Shirts mark the beginning of a new series at Joshua Samuels entitled Lost & Found.

Reclaimed objects in vintage markets will be transmuted and rehomed as printed graphics onto recycled garments.

A collaborative effort with Visual Artist and Screen Printer Adam Macgechan (wanker of sorts)

  • Sustainable

    Everything we design, make, and manufacture is made from 100% recycled garments.

  • Ethical

    All garments are manufactured either in-house or in London with fair wage guarantees.

  • Affordable

    We are committed to reducing prices as much as possible to enable maximum accessibility.

  • Penis

    Every order comes with a hand drawn penis. We are proud to announce this is non-negotiable.

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